Monday, January 31, 2011


I chase 
The kind of the rain 
That falls on a 
Cloudy afternoon 
To wash away 
The dark of days and bring 
New days to bloom.
I wish 
On stars to 
Paint black skies; 
Breathe darkness to melody
And sing to me a freedom song
Of senseless love 
Without remedy.
I see
A new moon 
Illuminate ignorance 
To beauty undetected
In places unlikely, unrefined
The passion, if un-rejected. 
I know 
The heat of adventures 
That burn of fire 
And rhythmic addiction 
To intoxicating chemistries 
Played in the key 
Of unrestricted.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Esta Noche

Soy de las estrellas
Una parte del misterio
Bailo con la luna
Marcha a trav├ęs de las nubes
El viento limpia el alma y
Yo. Soy. Libre.

Oddly enough, this came to me in Spanish first (though my Spanish isn't great). It actually came to me in a dream. I woke up and jotted it down. Here it is in English:

I am of the stars
A part of the mystery
Dance with the moon
March through the clouds
The wind cleanses my soul and
I. Am. Free.

The Moment

We took a joy ride
No seat belts on
And crashed into a world 
Where nothing else mattered;
Nothing but the moment.
Now you haunt me
In the shadows;
A silhouette of the shell
You’ve left behind.
It’s a gaze from broken eyes
The scent on a jacket
That reminds me
This moment was shared.
But a quiet mind tries to 
Calculate how long
It can hold on to a reflection
While the mystery 
Of an un-led life
Reverberates these walls.
I can still feel 
Your hand on my cheek
Telling me to stay;
Arms around my waist 
Giving me no choice.
You cant live 
Without this moment
I can’t live 
Without this.

Monday, January 17, 2011


In this moment
All is still
But for the quick breeze
That rustles my hair
You’re watching me
As the breeze kisses my face
The laughter floats 
And the glow surrounds us 
Like the mystery 
That remains unspoken here
Don’t move; I’m afraid 
Of this moment’s departure
When the glow fades 
What will be left 
But the mystery?
Just stop, and be still... 

Forget there’s little time 
And stay with me here 
In this moment.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Heartbeat of Summer

The sunshine surrounds me

Like a blanket of warmth as I lie.
He floats like a fiery vessel
On the blue clear summer sky.

Hypnotizing heat creates
Illusions on the seas.
Fiery passions soar
Along the ocean's humid breeze.

A world below unknown to me,
Alive with animation.
Glowing in the season's joy,
Creatures dance in celebration.

I'm captivated by its beauty;
Its awe inspiring power.
The many things it does enclose,
The scene, my eyes devour.

In synch with Earth's rhythm,
Waves splash upon the sand.
A harmonizing heartbeat
Between the sky and the land.

"The Heartbeat of Summer," though an older piece, is still relevant to me. I wrote it when I was a teenager and although I rarely utilize this style in my writing today I have held onto it because it was inspired by my fascination with Romantic poetry. Romantic in the sense of the Romanticism Era of the late 18th century to early 19th century- a time when people were focused on concepts of imagination and nature over scientific reasoning. I like the idea of a world where our hearts lead us to places our minds don't understand. This concept is still a source of inspiration to me today and in some of my newer works (soon to come).