Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Heartbeat of Summer

The sunshine surrounds me

Like a blanket of warmth as I lie.
He floats like a fiery vessel
On the blue clear summer sky.

Hypnotizing heat creates
Illusions on the seas.
Fiery passions soar
Along the ocean's humid breeze.

A world below unknown to me,
Alive with animation.
Glowing in the season's joy,
Creatures dance in celebration.

I'm captivated by its beauty;
Its awe inspiring power.
The many things it does enclose,
The scene, my eyes devour.

In synch with Earth's rhythm,
Waves splash upon the sand.
A harmonizing heartbeat
Between the sky and the land.

"The Heartbeat of Summer," though an older piece, is still relevant to me. I wrote it when I was a teenager and although I rarely utilize this style in my writing today I have held onto it because it was inspired by my fascination with Romantic poetry. Romantic in the sense of the Romanticism Era of the late 18th century to early 19th century- a time when people were focused on concepts of imagination and nature over scientific reasoning. I like the idea of a world where our hearts lead us to places our minds don't understand. This concept is still a source of inspiration to me today and in some of my newer works (soon to come).

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